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Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels

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Jamison Products offer an engineered custom design product that will meet the customers, environmental and industry standards. All pressure vessels are designed to ASME with ‘U’ Stamp (if required), also available to international standards (PED – CE Marking, etc.)

Pressure Vessels offered can be supplied as is, or with all the ‘bells and whistles’ required to be the clients requirements.

Pressure vessels for the oil, gas, chemical and power generation industries is an area that Jamison have great expertise. We are not a boiler manufacturer, but we produce the pressure vessels that support the boiler & steam system, such as condensate, separator, flash, blow down and expansion tanks.

Jamison Products success has been with repeat business from satisfied customers. The product offered will nearly always meet your technical and commercial requirements with a customer service that can not be matched.

Our Standard Range and Capability:

  • Size: 1/2" to 72”
  • Pressure: ANSI 150# to 2500#

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